"In pursuit of Academic excellence, while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework inspired by an Islamic value system”

Our pledge, offer and commitment to parents is
under-pinned by our 4 Pillars.

We are confident that a child nurtured,
cared and loved for within this context will, god willing,
enjoy success in this world and the next.

Strong Islamic Ethos
Just Fair Consistent Discipline
Holistic Dev


It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Al-Falaah college to you. Established in 1984, we are a fairly young school.

Al-Falaah college has nevertheless established itself as a centre of excellence through a plethora of accolades, recognitions and awards. We are committed to providing a holistic education in an environment of excellence infused with Islamic values. The college environment nurtures the innate ability of each student to explore and discover their Allah-given talent and for them to achieve their full potential.

We at Al-Falaah college distinguish ourselves as an Institute of relevance because we recognise our role in dealing with the dynamism of modern day living and the concomitant challenges and demands on our communities to maintain our Islamic identity within a South African context.

We welcome you to the growing community of families that recognise and believe in the value of the Al-Falaah experience in pursuance of Academic excellence, while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework inspired by an Islamic value system.

our family creed

Al-Falaah college has established an enviable reputation for Academic excellence by consistently achieving outstanding Matric results since inception. Intellectual pursuits and holistic development are balanced with nurturing an Islamic identity in a caring and disciplined environment.

our children

  • Are important to us and they are the reason we exist.
  • Are central in our decision making and we are guided by what is in their best interest.
  • Deserve a happy, holistic and fulfilled educational experience.
  • Will realise their needs and aspirations through affirmation, encouragement and creativity.
  • Will fulfill their full academic potential, whilst developing sound Islamic values, principles and practices.
  • Will experience a feeling of pride and belonging in the school.

our staff

  • Are qualifed and motivated professionals who are continually renew and update their knowledge, skills and techniques.
  • Will ignite a passion for learning and are passionate about ensuring that each child is schooled for life and fulfills his Allah-given potential.
  • Will support, inspire, enthuse and encourage our children to be the best they can be.
  • Will nurture the childhood roots for adult happiness in each of our children.
  • Will model positive, contagious enthusiasm, Islamic values and conduct.

our family

  • Are equal partners in the holistic development of our children and our relationship with them is based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Will receive quality service and their concerns will be promptly and effectively addressed.
  • Will receive timeous, accurate and meaningful information about their child’s education and moral development.

our environment

Al-Falaah College is a secure environment which is completely fenced and has a camera-monitoring system supported by security personnel to ensure the safety and protection of all stakeholders.

Designed with open walkways and an extended courtyard, the classrooms are bright and airy. All the classrooms are fitted with air conditioners, student lockers and TV screens.

The facilities include specialist rooms and laboratories for teachers to enhance the learning experience. In keeping with the ethos of the school we have a separate block of classrooms to accommodate all High School Girls.

The central position of the Musallah (Prayer Hall) is the focal gathering point for the morning assemblies, noon prayers and also the venue for guests to address students.

The state – of – the – art Indoor Sports Centre has a soccer field, 2 cricket nets and a platform for table tennis. The sports department also has a professionally maintained soccer field, 3 outdoor Astro turf soccer courts and a Multi-purpose sports court to accommodate netball, volleyball and other ball skills.

The masterplan for the college includes areas allocated for a swimming pool, gymnasium, a  pre-school facility and an entrance to the Girls
High School.

our learning environment

  • We believe that learning is an active, joyful process of discovery that fosters a strong sense of achievement and promotes an
    “I can do it” attitude.
  • We strive to create an environment that celebrates the unique qualities, effort
    and successes of each student.
  • Our school is a Hurt-Free environment; free of physical, verbal, emotional and psychological pain.
  • The educational ambience in the classroom is one of warmth, excitement, enjoyment and mutual respect which develops a sense of worth in each child.
  • Discipline is maintained through fair, just and consistent application of rules.

islamic studies

Depending on the season, all Salaah is performed at school.

Salaatul Jummah is perfomed at school during the school term. Guest speakers are invited to address the learners on topics which are relevant to our youth.

The Khutbah and salaah are performed by our learners who undergo Immamat and Khatib training programmes.


sports & tours

Physical education is an integral part of the school curriculum. In the pre-primary and primary classes, emphasis is on the development of gross motor skills, physical stamina, exibility and the development of team play.

The skills of play are gradually introduced and developed so that our learners can play a sport with confidence and pleasure. Al-Falaah college provides learners with opportunities to participate in a variety of both individual and team sports.

Qualified specialist coaches are employed to conduct training sessions at the end of the academic day in the following sporting codes:

  • Soccer
  • Indoor soccer
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball

School teams and individuals regularly undertake tours both locally and occasionally abroad.


HIFZ classes (For Both Boys & Girls)

Learners who excel in the recitation of, and have a passion to memorise the Quran are encouraged to enroll at the Hifz classes. these classes are held before and after school, during Quran Lessons, Saturday mornings and for a part of the school holidays.

This programme is supported by dedicated teachers who have an excellent method of evaluating lessons while ensuring that the past lessons are committed to memory.

Due to the nature of Hifz, only a limited number of learners can be admitted to this programme.


At Al Falaah, we have embraced the new digital curriculum as one of the mediums of teaching. We are constantly looking at the latest tested solutions in e-teaching. We first pilot them, then implement them through a phased approach. This ensures we get the best out of the solution while avoiding serious issues later.

We are currently in phase 2 of a pilot project that has seen every grade 8 student receive an iPad. Teachers monitor and control student iPads through Apple Classroom. The e-learning material is distributed via the I.T. Schools platform. This system allows us to cater for the different learning needs our students have.

We have extended the e-learning medium to our grade 00 to grade 3s. Twice every week, these children get to use the iPad lab. Teachers are given training via an accredited Apple Trainer. Learning is made fun which gets kids fully engaged thereby improving the teaching and learning process.

Character Development


We have implemented a comprehensive tarbiyyah programme for learners from Gr 0 to Gr 9. These lessons form part of the learners daily timetable and focuses on character building and spirituality as an intrinsic aspect in the development of a strong Islamic identity.

Ethos is also encouraged across the school
through other initiatives in the curriculum.


Learners at Al-Falaah college are afforded a number of leadership opportunities to develop
self-esteem and confidence. Learner representatives from each grade are elected onto the learner shura which meets regularly to discuss affairs and to make recommendations to the school Management.

The prefect body also plays an integral role in assisting educators toward achieving optimal and ef cient man- agement of the school. such empowerment of learners offers invaluable exposure and instils a sense of responsibility necessary in their lives beyond the school.