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We welcome all new students, parents and teachers to our Al-Falaah Family 2019, I choose You choose We choose RESPECT at AFC, choose to be KIND at AFC, kind people are our kind of people at AFC

Intermediate Phase (grade 4 – 6)

Academics, Islamic Ethos & Sport

School hours in intermediate phase

7:30 to 2:55 Monday to Thursday
7:30 to 2:00 Friday

The average class size



We participate in external Co-curricular activities like the Speech Contest, Spelling Bee, Spelling Aloud, Storytelling Competition. WE participate with schools in this department circuit. WE also write the ICAS external exam to benchmark our standards internationally.


We write The Pearson Mathematics exam which displays pupil lags in certain topics. This helps the teacher when remediating problem topics. This also helps the high school to check standards of Mathematical competency in the primary school.