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We welcome all new students, parents and teachers to our Al-Falaah Family 2019, I choose You choose We choose RESPECT at AFC, choose to be KIND at AFC, kind people are our kind of people at AFC

High School (Grade 7 – 12)


Islamic Ethos

Congratulations Al-Falaah Staff & Pupils for winning the prestigious Global Peace & Unity International Muslim Schools Award 2013 (Africa/Primary) 5 International Affiliations: Habitudes, Dale Carnegie, The University of New South Wales, Toastmasters International, The President’s Award Academic Excellence: Integration of Islamic Concepts, Pearson Assessments, Ipad Mobile Unit for other grades Best Performing School in South Africa in 2016 Matric Exams Al-Falaah College had 13 students in the AMS Top 30 matric 2017 results

Islamic Written – Islamic Oral – Integrated Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies & Arabic – Our role as an Islamic Educational Institution
Instill a Love for Living Islam
Teaching Islam for Life & Beyond – Islamic Studies and Arabic Olympiads
Tarbiyyah Programs
Muslim Youth and Contemporary Issues
Al-Quran Audio/MP3
Arabic Catch Up Classes for those who join late

What we offer: Jummah Salaah (girls and boys), Daily Quraan Recitation, Qiraah Jalsas, Hifz Classes for boys and girls, Separate Application with special criteria, Imaamat Course

Quraan Classes: Approach – Learn in Class & Reinforce at home, Extra Classes after school at no cost


Promote physical fitness
Participate for healthy recreation
Teach valuable life skills
Develop skills and abilities

Physical Education and Sport is seen an an important component for the balanced development of learners We offer an extended sports program within the school day by qualified coaches for each code of sport An Elite squad training program is offered after school and on weekends for all ages Inter school matches are arranged on a regular basis Participation in all tournaments organised by the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS)