Al Falaah College opens its doors to Grades 1-6 learners around the country to experience its Online Classes

We're now offering learners from across the country to experience our Online Classes without leaving their current schools or making long-term financial commitments.
The Al Falaah College team embraced the digital enhancement of the CAPS Curriculum since 2017 and made tremendous strides in the design and presentation of learning materials. With the advent of the Covid-19 lockdown, our team of experienced and professional educators were quick to make the transition to the online teaching and learning platforms with ease.

The next level of the lockdown release will see schools preparing and re-engineering their offer for the “new normal”. Whilst we encourage learners to embrace the on-site classes, we also at the same time understand that there will be those parents who are not comfortable, as yet, to send their children to school. We have also received requests from parents beyond Durban who want to experience the Al Falaah brand.

Despite our intentions to open our Online School in 2021, we had to speed track. We are ready to launch classes to cater for those parents who prefer to keep their children at home and yet have the benefit of them being taught by professional educators within a digital class.

  • “’ (I) Can’t tell you how excited she was. Especially when you sang the Bismillah song! As a parent absolutely worth every minute”
  • “…She actually thought u cud hear her when u asked questions. It was so cute. I was actually worried whether she would sit n listen. Love n duas❤❤”
  • “It was great, well presented and so beautifully illustrated. Jzk to the educators who prepare these lessons for the little ones and for having the patience with them.”
  • “Masha Allah, ‘Teacher’ was excellent and paced the lesson beautifully.”
  • “Jazakallah to ‘Teacher’. Great presentation... simple layout and easy for learners to understand.”
  • “’Learner’ particularly enjoys your lessons so jazakAllah to you and all the educators for doing such a superb job.”
  • "...thumbs up to the Al Falaah teachers you truly are Amazing Leaders"

    About AFC Online Classes

    • A “learn-from-home” online model that is aligned and fully compliant with the CAPS curriculum.
    • Learn online in a virtual class with all lessons being taught by current Al Falaah Teachers.
    • Online teaching materials developed and enhanced by our dynamic staff.
    • Structured time-table includes teachers initiating each class, teaching lessons and guiding learners through material on our online platform.
    • All lessons will be recorded and available on the platform for your future reference and consolidation.
    • Virtual school assembly including Tarbiyyah and Quranic recitation.
    • Virtual social, spiritual and cultural activities.
    • Access to the school counsellor for virtual consultations if needed.
    • Islamic Studies and Arabic Curriculum Offered.
    • Classes take place from Mondays to Thursday 10.30am - 2.30pm and Fridays 8.00am - 11.30am
    • Learners will be required to have a stable internet connection via ADSL, LTE (4G) or Fibre.

    The Application Process

    • Click the 'Apply' button below and complete the application form.
    • You will receive confirmation from us within 48 (working) hours confirming space and banking details. The fees for Grades 1-3 is R2000pm and R2200pm for Grades 4-6.
    • Upon receipt of payment, you will receive another email which will include access codes and time tables.
    • The head of our online phase will contact you telephonically to formally welcome you to the Al Falaah family.
    Kindly note that we are offering the online class as a support for children registered at any other school and not getting tuition during this period. This is not an offer to join Al-Falaah College as a registered school with assessments and reports. The support classes offered is a pilot project with no commitment for continuity post the lockdown. Apologies for any misunderstanding. For any further details contact Ummesaad Mahomed on 031-2087652