Sports in 2020

“The year 2020 you say? That’s the year that went down in history and I had to adapt to new rules and conditions. That’s the year I had to consider everything and everyone around me. That’s the year I had to have immense courage. That’s the year I lived through a pandemic! That’s my year 2020!” said the brave Al Falaah Learner.

The year 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic came with many challenges, from the socio-economic, financial & cultural standing of our country, to restrictions and challenges we faced as a school. However, one would say that these were extraordinary times as well. We have experienced realisations about not just the state of our country and its healthcare and financial preparedness, but also our own personal financial pressures and most importantly the extreme necessity for health and fitness in our lives.

At Al Falaah College we believe that “Impossible is Nothing.” Our learners are taught that being a good Muslim, a good student AND a good athlete is POSSIBLE! Alhamdulillah this year, despite its challenges, still proved to be successful in this regard. A little boy and girl learned to kick a ball, a teenager used his/her skills to win a match, and many AFC learners bravely sacrificed their sporting time to complete their academic year, never to be forgotten as the sporting souls of their proud school. Alhamdulillah, our Al Falaah sporting stars have made us proud again.

Al Falaah College has strived to bring sport to a recognized level within our community. We have introduced a modern and innovative exercise and sporting curriculum in the past few years that makes use of our qualified and highly experienced internal coaches together with specialist external coaches. We have tried to make all programs suited for specific sporting needs so that every learner at AFC is given an opportunity to represent their school. Learners are encouraged to explore the different sporting codes to discover which discipline is best suited for their abilities and interests.

The future is always unknown, for Allah (SWT) is the best of planners. However, the Sports Department is committed to its vision for sport at Al Falaah College to be the best that it can be. We hope to raise sport to new levels and in doing so, create a generation which wins and loses learns gracefully, a generation whose pride for their school is their driving force, a generation which has compassion and respect for a fellow athlete, and a generation which finds inspiration from the sport that it loves. There is something so unifying about sport in its purest form when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness and in doing so remind us all that we have greatness inside of us. I will leave you with a few words from the archives of our beloved and respected Mr Hattia, “the past is a lesson, the present is a gift and the future is motivation.”

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