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The Al Falaah EnviroClub was formed in 2015 by a group of enthusiastic learners who felt that too much of recyclable material was ending up in our bins and eventually in landfill sites adding to the damage to our environment.

The club started off with just over 100 members and was initially restricted to the Secondary School. However, in 2018 our EnviroClubs (as they came to be known) began showing a lot of interest and the Primary School educators formed a group of learners and joined the Club.

Presently we recycle white paper, plastic and cardboard.

White paper is collected in each classroom and transferred to our recycling area close to the main car park.

The Club is serviced by Planet Care , a recycling company situated close to the school. They ensure that recyclables are picked up regularly from school.

Our learners are also encouraged to bring plastic bottles from home which are deposited in our recycling area. Plastic bottles are also collected from our tuck-shop area.

In 2019 the Club joined a project called “ Sea4Schools”, which was initiated by Grant Blakeway who had planned to sail singlehandedly across the Atlantic in order to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans. The project entailed the collection of plastic bottles. The club undertook this project with a great amount of enthusiasm.

Currently, we’ve joined another initiative called “One Planet Living”. We aim to undertake their projects as well.

The Club also joins “#CleanBlueLagoon” which goes on a monthly beach clean-up at the Beachwood mangroves in Blue Lagoon.

The enthusiasm of our learners in keeping our environment clean and being a part of saving our planet must be lauded. 

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