Our days are filled with loads of love, big dreams and sunshine smiles.

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    Great expectations, extraordinary goals and big dreams make our awe-inspiring preschool a haven for nurturing young minds and learning the power of kindness in all relationships. The curiosity of a child cannot be expressed in words, but when you view our preschool, you appreciate its design features. The crafted learning spaces lend expression to the ingenuity of the child’s imagination and openness to learn, grow and make real personal ambitions. Esteemed teachers enliven the school with smiles, creativity, care and refined attention to teaching in the way children learn. It is amazing!

    The preschool offers a unique environment where every day is filled with new opportunities aimed at establishing a growth mindset in each child. It is no easy task because each child is different and requires that individual attention which is offered on a platter of kindness. Children are taught Islam in a practical way so that they develop a love for Allah (SWT) and for following the example of Nabi Muhammad (SAW). Their education journey is mapped out to enhance the values of Al Falaah Preschool more in practice, than in theory.

    Al Falaah Preschool prides itself in providing a sound curriculum for the children to learn through play in the ergonomically designed fantasy play areas, classrooms and sports facilities. This opens the doors for self-exploration and self-reliance within each child and encourages group work, team building and effective development of fine and gross motor skills. Our team is vibrant, energetic, joyful and active which makes for an inspiring learning experience for the child.

    Children are encouraged to acquire knowledge in formal, non-formal and informal settings thereby enhancing imagination, curiosity, problem-solving and necessary life-skills that are age appropriate. In essence, our department is a special place where happy, , productive and meaningful days are spent. Every day is embraced by the teachers with a deep sense of commitment and enduring love for the profession which inspires intrinsic motivation with all, especially the children for whom a whole new campus was built. Al Falaah Preschool is an experience and not just a school.

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    [A] 99 Lotus Rd, Springfield, Durban, South Africa
    [P] PO Box 70895, Overport, 4091
    [T] 031 208 7652
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