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We thank parents for responding to and forwarding the returns timeously for August 2020.

Kindly take note of the following:

  • Learners will not be allowed to swop between ONSITE and ONLINE or vice versa during the month or as they wish. There will be “window periods” allowing for migration to either option and is subject to space being available in the class.

After the 3rd of August, the next option to return as an onsite learner will be on 1 September 2020. The school must be informed by the 17 August 2020 of your intention to return onsite and you will receive a confirmation on a first come –first serve basis.


  • It may be possible and easy to migrate from onsite to online, BUT it will be difficult to migrate the other way, that is, from online to onsite. This is because we can only accommodate a limited number of learners in the onsite class. Preference is given to those who have indicated earlier on of their intention to return.


  • Requests for migrating from online to onsite will be based on available spaces in the class at the time of your request and will be accommodated at the end of a month only. Please understand that it may be difficult to facilitate the constant moving in and out of onsite classes.


  • We will not allow a student to “HOLD on to” an onsite seat, but stay away from school for frivolous reasons, thus denying another student the opportunity to return to onsite classes.


  • Onsite students who may be absent for valid reasons, may access the online lessons while at home.


  • Online learners will need to report to school for assessments if and when required. You will notified timeously.


  • It is the responsibility and onus of the parent and the child to ensure that there is routine and discipline during the online classes. It is also important for learners to abide by all the rules of the classes.


  • We will be able to sustain the online class for as long as the demand remains at these levels. As demand for onsite classes increases, the viability of online decreases. You will be timeously informed of any changes to the options offered.


  • Please do not allow your children (those who choose onsite lessons) to stay at home for frivolous reasons because of the convenience of the online option. In any case you have to meet the requirements of the new absentee policy upon return from any absence




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