Alhumdulillah the Foundation Phase learners and their families had their very first virtual assembly last Friday. It was indeed very encouraging and pleasing to see so many learners logging in to the assembly. The learners and their parents were excited to hear the voices of Ml Mulla, Mr Muhammad, Mrs Khan and Mrs Moolla. Amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, hearing the motivational talks by management reassured the kids that they are important and that they should celebrate each day. They were also reminded to show appreciation to Allah, their parents and teachers during these testing times. Special Dhikr and duas was delivered by Qari Dindar. The assembly ended with a festive vibe with Ramadaan and Eid messages to learners, parents and teachers.

Dear staff and learners of Al Falaah College...

Alhamdulillah thuma Alhamdullilah, I was so touched to be part of the Virtual Iftaar Tarbiya and Qur'an Programme hosted by the management and staff of Al-Falaah College, on Friday 8th May 2020.

It was an honour to join the staff, students and their families online, and come together during this difficult and unprecedented time. We commend Al-Falaah College for choosing to arrange this online event and continue their annual Iftaar tradition despite the current situation. We are grateful for the opportunity to recite Qur'an, render some advice and anasheed to help inspire and motivate our children and youth. May Allah bless them all.

We again commend Al-Falaah College on such a professionally set up and glitch-free event. We were very pleased to see them making use of available technology, which is something we are passionate about at the Al-Imdaad Foundation. Person-ally, I thought it was a fantastic experience; I didn’t ever imagine that I would one day be part of an online virtual Iftaar, but how things have changed, Subhaanallah. The programme was very well arranged and marketed, and it was a pleasure to contribute to.

I truly value our partnership with Al-Falaah College in Durban, and we are pleased to be able to give something back to the students during these times.  I pray that Al-Falaah College management, staff, students and parents continue to have a very blessed and spiritually uplifting Ramadan in the coming weeks.

JazakumAllahu Khayr

Qari Ziyaad Patel

السّلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

 April/ May 2020 Shabaan/Ramadaan 1440


Dear Brother/Sister 

It is that time of the year when families and businesses are calculating and allocating their Zakaah for the year.

The Al-Falaah Zakaah Fund has an annual budget of R3.8 million. This fund has been in existence since 1998 and is managed by the School in accordance with the guidelines of Senior Ulama in relation to Zakaah.

Your Zakaah contributions to the AFC Zakaah Fund provides critical support to the under privileged learners enabling them to pursue an education that empowers them to meet their livelihood needs in this world and more importantly, empowers them to pursue a righteous life in accordance with the Islamic teachings and principles. In this way, we are hopeful from Almighty Allah that your Zakaah contributions become a source of perpetual reward in the Hereafter.

Alhamdulillah your previous contributions have allowed us to cater for the needy children of our community who so desperately need to be nurtured and educated in an Islamic environment. Additionally, these contributions have been instrumental in giving many of our disadvantaged graduates the opportunity to pursue higher education and many amongst them have successfully pursued careers in medicine, education, engineering and vocational training. In this manner your Zakaat contributes towards achieving the crucial objective of sustained poverty alleviation.

Once again, we invite you to invest your Zakaah in the upliftment of the Ummah. We invite you to forward your contributions. We also welcome monthly payments (PDC’s) or direct deposits. Al Falaah is a registered non-profit organization and for donors who request, we will issue certificates (section 18A) confirming their donations thereby enabling them to benefit from tax deductions.

For any further details kindly contact I. Dawood (031 – 2087652) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

JazakALLAH Khair

Ismail Dawood


Banking Details

Standard Bank

A/C Name:Al-Falaah College

Acc No :050651676

Br Code :040026

Ref: Zakaah

Alhumdulillah , our live online classes have been very effective and exciting. I once again express my huge appreciation to our amazing staff who have really embraced the online journey and are doing a sterling job. May Allah Ta’ala reward them abundantly.

My thanks and appreciation to all the parents as well for your support, encouragement and positive comments. It really means a great deal to us.

Last but not least, I compliment all our learners who have so diligently logged on for the lessons and for the enthusiasm and seriousness you are all going about doing your work. I am really proud of you.

Whilst we are making sure that learning continues during the lockdown we certainly do not want to miss out on making the most of the month of Ramadaan so that we can draw closer to Alllah Subhana wa Ta’ala. We are nearing the last 10 days of the Blessed month, and will therefore adjust our live online programme so that we can take full advantage of the odd nights.


Table 10days

This is a special Heart Warmers column dedicated to our Teachers for their on-line lessons.

“Shukran for setting this up. We have a daughter in grade 9 as well and she has been using the live class for a few weeks already. We just wanted to express our appreciation for the Initiative and hard work that has gone into this. This ground work which has been done out of necessity due to this unforeseen circumstance will form a great foundation to launch the school’s digital transformation for the future. Whilst this is fantastic and is teaching our children new skills, we should also be sensitive regarding those less fortunate students. Bridging the digital divide is something I’m sure you already aware of and working on. Please pass on our thanks to all those that have contributed to making it possible.”


“Just wanted to say …….. did an excellent job this morning with her lessons. Maintained a good balance and order between all the kids in the class. Gave them each a turn to speak. It was the next best thing to a lesson at school. Well done to her. Really well executed .اَلْحَمْدُ ل لِّه Does involve more work for the mums but as long kids benefit we on board. Please compliment her when you have a meeting. Really well done اللّه شَاءه مَا”


“Jazakallah for the getting the online classes up and running...It went of very smoothly this morning“


“Homework during Ramadaan has not been easy task with my lil one. Today after doing a live class and hearing maam and his friends he was soo happy doing homework and continue to work and even end up doing online madresa today. Alhumdulilah so glad to finally have a live class made life a lot easy”


“My child heard your voice on one of the videos on the student portal and she was so excited. btw, the Funsite is awesomeُ خَيْرًا اللَه جَزَاكُمه Well done to whoever is involved. I especially like that the fact that a weekly schedule with daily tasks is given. The grade 3 teachers did a daily schedule as well.”


“Homework during Ramadaan has not been easy task with my little one. Today after doing a live class and hearing maam and his friends he was soo happy doing homework and continue to work and even end up doing online madresa today. Alhumdulilah so glad to finally have a live class made life a lot easy.”


“Thank u Maam u definitely could hear the kidz missed u so much. I salute you’ll the teachers it's not an easy job”


“I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the amazing online lessons you have put together for our children. We recognize and appreciate all of the effort and hard work you have put into the preparation of your daily lessons, from your colourful slide presentations, the in depth explanations and examples you use, which makes it simple for kids to understand concepts as well as getting kids to interact and participate in the lesson, which they absolutely love. The kids love seeing you everyday, and miss you alot. They can’t wait to get back to school to be in your classroom again with all of their friends.JazakAllah for all that you do.”


“The kids feel so happy to have that interaction with you”


“We value and appreciate your efforts even more now ...seriously”


“It was great, well presented and so beautifully illustrated. Jzk to the educators who prepare these lessons for the little ones and for having the patience with them.”


“Jazakallah for all the time and efforts of the educators and staff involved. Definitely was a success, Alhumdulillah. …….. was so excited about the lessons and thrilled to hear her teacher after so long ... Alhamdulillah lesson was presented excellently and pace was perfect for them. A few connection problems in between but that's expected ……. took the lesson quite seriously and wanted no noise from her little sister while she was busy..online lessons definitely beneficial for them alhamdulillah ..jzk khair”


“Jazakallah for all your time and effort”


“Masha Allah ……….. was also excellent and paced the lesson beautifully.”


“Jazakallah to …… as well. Great presentation... simple layout and easy for learners to understand.”


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the sterling work you do and for being there for our children. Alhamdulillah, we managed to get online and …… is enjoying the lessons. Jazakumullah khaira. We will do our best to encourage and assist …….”


“…….. particularly enjoys your lessons so jazakAllah to you and all our educators for doing such a superb job.”


“Alhamdulillah I am sooo grateful for my children being part of the Al falaah family. With all the drama of the chorona teachers pulled together sooo quickly and efficiently to create amazing dynamic lessons. Alot of time an effort has been put into these lessons they presented well with visuals an sooo much interactions mashallah thumbs up to the al falaah teachers you truly are Amazing Leaders”

Although, the task of teaching students falls first on the shoulders of teachers to create online classrooms, lessons, and activities, parental monitoring and a little guidance is required for maximum benefit. While parents will continue to be at home with their children for an extended amount of time, it’s important to plan and not panic. This is a stressful, unpredictable time for everyone, including educators families, parents, and children. You can help your children by providing them with a structure and routine, and being a positive force in their education.


Tips for parents whose children are now learning at home because of the coronavirus


  1. Limit distraction
    A “digital quarantine” might be necessary to keep your child’s attention focused on their schoolwork. You should limit their use of their devices, other than what is needed to complete their work.


  1. Make space for learning it’s important that you create a learning space for your child.
    Your children will achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated space that is strictly devoted to learning. This space should be a different set-up than where they normally play games or watch television.


  1. Maintain breaks such as snack time, Salaah time and recess
    Routines and schedules are extremely important for children at school, and this is no different in their at –home school. Children will function best if they maintain their routine as close to normal as possible.


  1. Allow them to interact with friends via video chats
    Your children are used to lots of social contact at school, so they will definitely feel the effects of being distanced from them even after a few days. Allow them supervised time to interact with their friends.


  1. Mix screen time with old school learning mediums
    Overuse of screen time can have adverse impacts on young brains, so it’s important to mix it up during a time like this. It’s likely that your children will want to continue to use a screen of some sort during their breaks from doing work, so it’s important to limit screen time by mixing in old school mediums as well.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a schedule/ time-table
    If you and your children are all doing work from your home, it’s likely that this is the first time that has ever happened. A schedule, for your work and your child’s work, is extremely important. To start, experts recommend keeping them on the same or similar sleeping schedule that they have when they are going into school.


  1. Don’t let your children treat this as a vacation
    This time at home might feel like a vacation for your child, but it’s important to remind them that their education still comes first. Obligations like class assignments, homework and other tasks must be completed timeously.


Remember to schedule time for fun
While this is most certainly not a vacation, it’s important to have some fun with your children while they are at home. It’s rare that you have this much time with your children, so use it as an opportunity to bond.

Wednesday, 05 February 2020 was “World Read Aloud” Day… Every Year LitWorld’s advocacy campaign for the human right of literacy call worldwide attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.

Imagine a world where everyone can read…. World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words, especially those words that are shared from one person to another, and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to a safe education and access to books and technology.

Al-Falaah College was proud to Read Aloud on World Read Aloud Day as educators and pupils joined others when they read aloud and shared the joy of books and the live for reading.


8 Benefits of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud to your children…

  • Shows them that you value books and reading
  • Gives you things to talk about together
  • Builds a bond between you
  • Allows them to experience reading as a satisfying activity
  • Motivates them to learn to read for themselves and then keep reading
  • Shows them how we read and how books work
  • Lets them enjoy stories that are beyond their current reading ability
  • Develops their imagination, vocabulary and language abilities


Before the pandemic, if someone told me that a tiny virus (which can't be seen) will enter the world and have the ability to close schools and shut the doors of businesses around the world, despite being so small, I would've thought this person is crazy. But, here we are... living in the era of Covid-19. Almost everything has come to a stand-still, but our deen and the seeking of knowledge hasn't stopped. Many have joined 'digital platforms' as a means of teaching and learning.

Even AFC's annual Iftaar became VIRTUAL, . سبحان الله

On Friday, the 8th of May 2020, the Primary School of Al Falaah College hosted its FIRST online Iftaar programme called Reflections of Ramadhaan.

الحمد لله،

Through the grace and mercy of Almighty Allah, the online event was a success and we had approximately 400 listeners tuned in.

Our special guest Qari Ziyaad Patel made the programme even more special with his presence and I ask Allah to reward him abundantly for this. He recited 'heart-touching' verses from the Holy Qur'aan, gave us useful advices on how to get through these difficult times and even rendered a soothing Arabic nasheed which made listeners smile and sing along.

I'd also like to thank one of our AFC learners, Ahmed Limalia, for also singing a nasheed and making us feel as if we were back at school. If we closed our eyes, it was as if we were sitting in AFC's indoor astro turf. We received positive feedback from staff, learners and their families saying that the programme was spiritually uplifting, and some even said that it brought tears to their eyes. We even received pictures of learners, sitting beside smartphones and computers, raising their hands and supplicating to Allah as they listened to Moulana Mulla make the closing du'aa.

May Allah accept this initiative and the efforts of all those who coordinated this beautiful programme. May Allah also reward all who have participated; without you, this would've never been possible.

  • Develop a daily itinerary and incorporate some of the below therein.
  • Ramadan is the month of Quran, therefore try to recite the Quran as much as possible. Those at home should attempt to undertake more Quran completions during this month. It may be helpful to fix a time wherein the entire household recite the Quran.
  • Those who are not ḥāfiẓ of the Quran should start to memorise it. Our respected Mufti Shabbir Ahmad said, “All those who are at home due to the Covid-19 should spend their time wisely and start memorising the Quran. Some of our scholars memorised the Quran in prison.”
  • Allocate up to 15 minutes after one of the Ṣalāh and share Islamic discourses from a reliable book or online resource with the entire family.
  • Listen to one lecture a day of a reputable scholar via the Masjid receiver system or the internet.
  • Recite durūd regularly. Scholars have mentioned that durūd is from among the most effective means of the removal of epidemics and plagues based on the ḥasan (agreeable) ḥadīth in Sunan al-Tirmidhī (2457) in which the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمsaid to a companion who decided to dedicate all his supplication to durūd, “Then, your worries will be taken care of and your sins will be forgiven” (Mā Rawāhu al-Wāʿūn fī Akhbār al-Ṭāʿūn, p.169; Badhl al-Māʿūn, p.333). One method of reciting durūd regularly is to read the 40 durūd collection available here.
  • Perform Tahajjud Ṣalāh and make duʿāʾ to Allah Almighty during the night and also between the Adhān and Iqāmah and whilst fasting. The supplication of a fasting person is accepted as mentioned in ḥadīths.
  • Read the masnūn ifṭār supplications.
  • Repent to Allah Almighty and seek His forgiveness regularly. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمwould repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness more than seventy times daily (Ṣaḥīḥ al- Bukhārī, 6307).


Finally, it is very important to continue complying with the lockdown measures and taking the necessary precautions. May Allah Almighty protect us all and shower mercy upon the Ummah.

We sincerely proclaim: “All Praise is to ALLAH, upon every condition”.

During the past decade we often heard about certain sectors of economics or trade being disrupted by a new concept or invention. The taxi industry with “Uber”, hospitality with “booking.com / “Airbnb”, trading with eCommerce , etc. Presently, Allah has brought upon us a disruption of normal life.

Our spiritual, social, economic and physical life has been disrupted like at no other time and many of us are left grappling with how to manage this period. Within this phase the central defining element is to find the right balance in how we manage the TIME. Some Guidelines:



  • Create a space and allocate a time table for prayer and to engage in some Taleem (Quran. Ahadith, Stories of Sahabah.
  • Dedicate some time to recite Quran
  • Engage in dua as a family (Dua in English/ Arabic)



  • Allocate some time daily to play games with children either in the garden or within the home.
  • Have private chats with your children to understand who they are, how they feel about themselves/ life and what inspires them.
  • Tell your family what you appreciate about each one of them and how much you care for them and love them.
  • Observe the family during the day and without being judgmental address an issue you observed without mentioning the incident.
  • Do not lecture / scold/ scream – think of a strategy and allow children to be part of the discussion. It is a time to make them feel important, listen to them and make them see the issue through your eyes.
  • Discuss about the less-fortunate only to create empathy in the family and suggestions on how we can help people.



  • Read books
  • Ensure they follow a time-table (On-line School Program)
  • Dedicate time for Quran, literacy, numeracy, life –skills



  • Allocate some time for some physical activity – running, jumping, skipping, hopping, etc
  • Follow an exercise program



  • Dedicate meal/ snack times.
  • With Ramadan approaching this will surely take care of itself.
  • Eat/ Drink healthy
  • Develop a sleep routine.

Finally, ask and beg ALLAH to uplift this calamity from the world so that we may resume “normal life” and implement the many lessons we have learnt through this disruption.

High School
In 2018, Al Falaah College began the roll-out of “loan” iPads to the Grade 8 students .Each year since, we issue new loan iPads to the incoming Grade 8 class. This year is the beginning of the usage in the Grade 10 (FET Phase). Alhamdulillah most of our teachers have been trained on the device and we commend those who have undertaken to develop the digital teaching content.

As part of our Tech Development we are piloting “Coding” as a subject for our Grade 8 classes. Parents are invited to share any expertise they may have in the areas of coding and robotics.


Primary School

We have 2 iPad laboratories for the Pre-Primary and Primary Schools which are used by the subject teachers.

Mathletics: A mathematics fun learning platform introduced last year for Gr4-6. Pupils have taken to it and have great fun as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Reading Eggs: A reading program used from Gr R – 4 developing reading skills via digitally graded books, games, puzzles and exercises. The feedback from teachers and pupils has been very encouraging.

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