Sports at Al Falaah College

Our aim at Al Falaah College is to discover and develop the sporting abilities of every learner together with instilling a love and passion for sport. As part of a holistic school program at Al Falaah, we encourage learners to be part of the sporting program so we may develop their interests, whether that interest involves competitive level sport or just part of a healthy lifestyle and in turn aim to create a positive influence on all learners, through sport.

Sport at Al Falaah College has developed tremendously over the years and thus we have created a tradition of sporting excellence. We offer outstanding facilities and an exceptional team of coaches to help achieve our goals and to give every learner the best possible environment and level of support to develop their skills. AFC has a significant amount of top sporting performers including both on a Regional and National level and our school sport, in its entirety, has enjoyed a significant amount of success in recent years.’

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[A] 99 Lotus Rd, Springfield, Durban, South Africa
[P] PO Box 70895, Overport, 4091
[T] 031 208 7652
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